Divine Channel of Akashic Records

Kathy Davidson

I am a multi-skilled reader of over twenty years. Seventh Generation Psychic. I am Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Channel, Medium and read the Akashic records where your soul path and soul contracts are including past lives. I read very quickly and prefer questions or a cold read to provide you with the most accurate reading filled with positivity and light. Connect with your angels and guides in your session.  If interested please message me on the website or call and leave a message to schedule a reading.

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Sacred geometry crystal grids energized and ready for personal use in your home or office. Eco friendly packaging and portable for travel. Handcrafted with high quality crystals. Great meditation and manifestation tools. I also do large grids fro your home or office and outdoor space as well.

Prices Vary: $75-$280
Please inquire for large space grids.


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Connect with your angels and guides with my psychic surgery team of angels including Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Metatron/Uriel to help you heal and receive valuable information from your Akashic Soul Records. Whether it be physical or otherwise you’ll be very pleased with the healing results. At the end I will share details of your session.

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15 Minutes

15 minute CRYSTAL HEALER reading.

30 Minutes

30 minute CRYSTAL HEALER reading.

60 Minutes

60 minute CRYSTAL HEALER reading.

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Thanks for your interest in Kathy Davidson. For more information or to book an appointment get in touch with her. She looks forward to hearing from you.


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